Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Man Should be An Instrument (Confucius)

I enjoy reading foreign newspapers every day.
One gets a feeling of how small the world is. Just a big ball,full of water and soil,and everyone going back and forth,running like ants,posing for photographs,some building structures of different kinds,jumping in contraptions,going into holes,coming out,building,destroying,fighting,some dreaming of a piece of bread and something to drink,(the majority),others causing a bloodshed (many of these around)many questioning why one should have an orgasm,why is Man a Man,why is he not most of the time,why I Woman is not a Woman,all the games and masquerades,and the rivers flow,and the skies swell,and rains.tornados,earthquakes,babies are born,animals,flowers,vegetables,and dreamers get heartbroken,
poems are written,geniuses come up with new ways of seeing the same thing,but the stars,the moon and the planets,are all there with their misteries.
What should be or what should not be. The remnants of creatures,of beings that existed before us,that probably had the same questions and left without answers,the insects,some so beautiful,many so mortal,their sting so poweful,more than any human can overcome,despite all the laboratory work.
Ha! who owns this ball,called Earth., Gaia,who according to Myth,was born from Caos.
Only few,humans are conceived with a mind,a mind to see, a mind that cries,with tears that are pure .
Bacteria. No gold,no wealth ,no secret can own a bacteria.
We are all prisoners of Bacteria.
We live in the Kingdom of Monera,all of us,Humans,Everything that moves or crawls,with all the Awards,Money and Titles.
Ha,shhushhhhhh....... sacrilege.The big guys,full of Pomp and Circumstance live hiding their mirrors from others.
When they look at themselves,they themselves, only see ,that inflated vision,their great Power they have over,so they believe, on the poor souls that dare to cross their way.
They surround themselves , with meek ambulant sounding boards,with arms and legs and no voice.
These puppets,who live off other's, use their saliva to destroy.
And someday inevitably,even though that much destruction is ensued,while they are not stopped in time,on their tracts, they will have to face their Fate.
" Quem com Ferro,fere,com Ferro sai Ferido" as in an old Portuguese saying....
Why can't we all live in Peace ?
Why not live with Conscience ?
Hunger and Injustice breeds discontent and bad energy.
Life is a wonderful and Magical proposition.
To make someone smile and bring a sense of warmth is the best cure.
It takes a lot of work.
And the work we all should engage ourselves.
Not the answer : "I am too busy.."..... where do you think you are going,eh?
Step on others and then say : "It is water under the bridge for me".....
And then stand up ,looking to get honor medals for cruelty ?
How can you sit down and eat a meal,aware that you caused someone else to go hungry and suffer ?
That you were an instrument in twisting someone elses's Fate?
That there is a soul around battling for her life,to have a roof and food,because years ago,you out of some wicked thing that exists in your mind,were able to manage?

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