Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent: Je t'aime toujours

“The clothes incorporated all my dreams,” he said after the show, “all my heroines in the novels, the operas, the paintings. It was my heart — everything I love that I gave to this collection.”http://www.parismatch.com/parismatch/video/culture/anne-marie-corre-raconte-yves-saint-laurent

photo from Film Yves Saint Laurent by David Teboul

I always loved Yves Saint Laurent.
When he created the Mondrian dress,my mother who was a very sophisticated woman, recreated with her dressmaker, a version of the same.Both were in tune with Mondrian.
So as a little girl I remember him and always loved his vision of life.
I can,as an artist,understand his sadness.
People like him are not understood by the common world.
His work will be admired and talked about,but his persona will never be understood by the average ones.
Artists and thinkers see life in another dimension.A greater one ,where words are insufficient to translate. One can only get there through passion and openness of the spirit to the Beauty of Life.It will never be measured or attained by Money or Power,which unfortunately are the only mediums to sustain in the society we live in.Nonetheless, that vision is a troubling one,as we are critical of ugliness, of moral turpitude and oppression.
Saint Laurent,exercised his political vision through fashion. -
He was as Jean Cocteau once called such creatures, "L"enfant du paradis" ...

“Yves Saint Laurent invented everything, revisited everything, transformed everything to the service of a passion, to let woman shine and to free her beauty and mystery.”
-François Pinault, founder and former CEO of the fashion group PPR


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