Monday, March 5, 2007

pears and bergamot

drawings by marguerita

You must be calm,peaceable,untroubled,quiet,still,hushed,and not embusied or distracted with foreign,soul-disturbing perturbations.Otherwise you will turn into a forked turnip.

Just so is it with those who are tormented with the grievous pangs of hunger.
The stomach begins to gnaw,and bark,as it were the eyes to look dim,and the veins,by greedily sucking some refection to themselves from the proper substance of all the members of a fleshy consistence,violently pull down and draw back that vagrant,roaming spirit,careless and neglecting his natural host,which is the body.

Mediocrity at all times is commendable:
in this case you are to abandon it.You are likewise to abstain from beans,from the preak,by some called the polyp,as also from coleworts,
cabbage, and all other such like windy victuals,which may endanger
the troubling of your brains and the dimming or casting a kind of mist over your animal spirits.

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