Thursday, March 22, 2007

dreaming,sunshine,lemon & yellow

So yesterday I went over to an event.
I was rather shocked to witness, how a number of young people today, are not able to dream anymore.
The event was about photography.
Most of the images,were of decaying,rotting spaces.Gloom.Despair.The End of Fantasy.,the end of Illusion,the end of Dreaming.
What is this all about.
Gore is getting fat.
And my son Jacob attending Buddhist classes.
And my other son,Stefan trying to fix my collapsed computer.
And my husband doing a party for a Rum with Lemon.
And my Argentinian friend learning to drive..... wherever he is....

In the news, an old newspaper colleague of mine,is going to be in the Brazilian Government.... many years ago,we had a surreal conversation.
I had bought a hose for my little penthouse forest from the nursery near the newspaper building.
It was too long.
I told Miguel Jorge about it,en passant,when I come over to work.
He told me that he needed one also,by coincidence.
So,we made a funny deal.
He came over to my place and we cut the hose in half.
Then,I remember telling him,you see Miguel,we can achieve Peace in the Middle East,as brothers and sisters,we share a common vehicle for water!
Miguel's face changed .He looked like a bull in rage.
All Biblical lies,he said angrily.
We,never were brothers,cousins or whatever...
Biblical,propaganda lies,we will never have Peace??????? Miguel mumbled.

Ah,the color yellow..... at last.
You are my sunshine,my only sunshine,you make me happy,when skies are grey

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