Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rio- Sonho Meu- Jardim Botanico

Rio, lives in my heart forever.
My parents moved from Australia to Brazil in 1954 and I always remember the city, my way,as in the poem by Antonio Goncalves Dias
"Minha terra tem palmeiras onde canta o Sabia.

Sabia is a little bird ,with a wonderful song, typical from Brasil.
My Brasil with s.
The Sabia also become a symbol for exile.
It is very sad for me to hear and observe from faraway,how a paradise of Nature is lost in violence,a violence that even I and my family,where subjected too,four hours after landing in the country,on my first visit back after 25 years.
We were walking on the beach,near the water, parallel to the Copacabana Palace,when five men with knives appeared and attacked us.
We nearly lost our lives,were robbed of our belongings, but I still love Rio and hope for a miracle happening.
Cidade Maravilhosa, cheia de encantos mil.......
Violence must stop immediately and beauty overpower evil.
On that trip,I realized a dream of mine for years.
To visit again the Jardim Botanico.
Seven years later, I still see in my mind the picture of horror,
while at the same time,the recollection of that beautiful sunset, so Rio,the colors and the sensual air.

Photographs by marguerita

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