Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eye for PEACE

by Marguerita,created for Alain Mikli in 2003,as a protest against the threats on the preamble of the Bush attack on mankind.
In America,we desperately need a health care system.
Its is shocking and a frightening truth.
The young people and most are quite alienated.No sense of desire,passion,an empty horizon,life is not valued at all,rampant cynicism.Walking robots with no pleasure within their minds or bodies,while violence and blood is being spilled in an invaded country .
My mother's words keep crossing my mind non stop,the comments she made about her thoughts,when she was a prisoner in Auschwitz." In America they were dancing,and making movies in Hollywood,while we were bombed,uprooted,murdered,tortured and robbed."- " Arbeit Macht Frei " ?

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