Saturday, May 26, 2007

The green matter

Why is that obsession about money?
Life has so much more to on the horizon,deep in the sea and up in space.....and all I can hear is that preoccupation of cash,and evaluating people and our existence by cash??????
This is so pathetic and morbid.
No wonder so many are on anxiety medication.
Maybe if there would be a humanitarian concern,a real one,not the charity circuit hoopla that is only a masquerade of sorts and as useless ,if not for the directly involved and a show off of their ....wait a moment,I forgot the word,that Diana Vreeland would call teeth,choppers?
I bet that if there would be some soul searching,with a good dose of sense of humor and a realization of what life is really about,we all on this planet would be able to co exist in harmony and enjoy our one way ticket for the time alloted to us,when we come out from the womb.
N'est ce pas?

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