Monday, May 14, 2007

Krakow,Tomaszow,Kafka,the Swiss,the US &rights vis a vis moi.

Marguerita was conceived in Tasmania, diagnosed as a tumor in Hobart, and born in Sydney, Australia to Salomea Fleischer Lauer, formerly a slave laborer for A.G. Nobel in Auschwitz-Birkenau, where she’d made bullets and had been told (incorrectly, it turned out) that her exposure to gun powder had left her infertile. Her number, tattooed on her left arm, was A-26.427. Mea, a cousin of the great animators Max and David Fleischer and of Bruno Jasienski, the author of Paris is Burning, liked to tell Marguerita that the tattoo was her phone number.
Marguerita’s father, Dr. Stefan Felix Bornstein, was a Chemical and Textile Engineer and a writer published in Poland, France, Brazil, Switzerland and Germany. In 1976, Marguerita moved to New York City, where she still lives, along with her two sons. Her illustrations have appeared in the New York Times, the Village Voice, and the Forward.

Ionesco,Agatha Christie,Kafka and Beckett could have concocted a more convoluted plot than this one.

After years and years of trying to piece together the lives of my mother Salomea Fleischer Tanenbaum Lauer Bornstein,who survived Auschwitz and my father Dr.Stefan Feliks Bornstein,who was arrested by the Russians and into forced labor in Kazaghstan(Siberia),
In 1999 finally ,was able to find the building in Krakow,that belonged to my mother,through her marriage to Josef Lauer,a lawyer murdered by the Nazi in1942. Since 2004, the buikding, for which I am in court with the Polish Government, still in her name,as I was able to find the documentation in Krakow,as well as records by the Nazi of how they kept track of my mother and her mother in law,before the old woman, was thrown out the window from the 4th floor to the ground . Their movements and whereabouts are nicely stamped by the III Reich's in 17 documents,and then my mother sent to Plazow ,Auschwitz (I found records in Auschwitz) and Ravensbrueck, where she come out with 36 kilos in a945.
About my father,in 1994,I was able with some help of the late historian Lucjan Dobroszycki

who guided me to records in Poland and then by Yale Reisner :

I located one of the Swiss bank accounts of my grandfatherFeliks Bornstein or my father Stefan Feliks Bornstein,as much as Yale Reisner himself,in one of his communications to me,sent me copies of bank accounts that existed in my father's name in the PKO in 1936,confirming the fact that they owned substantial assets and information about my father's cousin,being a prominent business leader in Lodz.
There is also information in historical books at YIVO
relating to the family Bornstein.
I am the only descendant and now my two sons,of families on both sides,that all perished murdered by the Nazi,for being Jewish ,wealthy and influential in Poland and other cities in Europe,as Rabbis,writers and business people.,besides the fact that my mother was related though her father to Max and David Fleischer.
\In the first weeks of April recent,I received a letter dated March 28,2007 from The Claims Resolution Tribunal,in Zurich,Switzerland,with a denial to my claims to a bank account that belonged to Feliks Bornstein,a decision approved by the Judge Edward R.Korman,the presiding judge in the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation,on the grounds that I cannot prove the fact that I am the descendant of the account owner

CRT-II - Claims Resolution Tribunal - Deposited Assets - May 8

Bornstein, Feliks and Helena [Lodz, Poland] PDF. Boschan, Eugen and Frida [Vienna, Austria] PDF. Boschan, Hans [Vienna, Austria] & Boschan, ... - 35k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
[ More results from ]

Immediately after receiving this denial to me,I find out that an award was given to a claimant,who demands and is given confidentiality, and should be entitled,after her purported story,that her deceased husband for 28 years,would have been the distant cousin of the account owner Feliks Bornstein and that there is not known to be descendants alive ?
The bank admits of not having evidence to secure the veracity of her claims,"The CRT confirms that the claimant(not identified) did not possess detailed information about the relatives of the Bornstein family.
Her husbands account was never to be found and she did not identify Halina (Helena)Bornstein.
Moreover,the CRT concluded that there is no information to indicate that there are no survivors of the account owners alive?
And that the CRT plausibly awards the monies to this "redacted"claimant if I cannot come up with more evidence?

The CRT decided to give her the imaginary cash restitution , anumber figured out by the post Holocaust managers,as the Swiss themselves do not reveal the exact bank records of the account.
As a discrepancy is admitted, the letter informs me that I had 30 days from the date that the letter was sent to me(not delivered to me) to contest my rights,only with new evidence of my rights.
I received the letter in mid April as it was sent to my previous address.
I am here claiming my rights,as well as my pursuit to retrieve what was robbed from my ancestors ,for cause of a minimal justice, besides being in financial need
My grandfather was Feliks Bornstein,
My father was Dr.Stefan Feliks Bornstein
Halina Bornstein was my father's first wife .


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Thierry Noël said...

I'm looking for historic facts about the "yellow star" during the Second World War.
I find that Halina BORNSTEIN, borned July 31 of 1913, at Lodz, had an exemption to wear the "yellow star".
Do you know why ?
Thanks a lot.

Thierry Noël-Guitelman