Monday, March 24, 2008

Bush: Iraq is a death and loss.

I grew up watching my two parents, the only family I had,who were both Holocaust survivors.They were beautiful souls,who after witnessing and suffering what Man is about,were able to continue with the belief in mankind.I was always reminded to see colors and beauty of living and focus my mind away from sadness and death.We endured great hardship.Their spirit never gave up.
My art, though was always in black and white.

Nevertheless, I must remember, that I was not to turn away from observing social injustice, destructive and negative attitude and try to avert, through my art and my standing.
I had a hard time in using colors,despite their stimulus to have a sense of humor and go light.
I was seventeen years old, at the time of my father's death.
Looking at him in the morgue,the silent face,mute and unresponsive,I made a commitment to myself.
From then on, in his memory I will only create images that inspire laughter and influence the mind to see beyond darkness.
So as much as I do not want to record the unjust ongoing massacre of lives,I do react daily to any news of death.I a stop and cringe.
I hurt, I feel paralyzed and a pain that crosses through me,
reacting to the information as the dead would be someone I knew.

Selected writings of Staff Sgt. Juan Campos, 27, who was riding in a Humvee on May 14, 2007, when it hit an IED. Severely burned over 80 percent of his body, he died June 1.

Hey beautiful well we were on blackout again, we lost yet some more soldiers. I cant wait to get out of this place and return to you where i belong. I dont know how much more of this place i can take. i try to be hard and brave for my guys but i dont know how long i can keep that up you know. its like everytime we go out, any little bump or sounds freaks me out. maybe im jus stressin is all. hopefully ill get over it....

you know, you never think that anything is or can happen to you, at first you feel invincible, but then little by little things start to wear on you...

well im sure well be able to save a couple of bucks if you stay with your mom....and at the same time you can help her with some of the bills for the time being. it doesnt bother me. as long as you guys are content is all that matters. I love and miss you guys like crazy. I know i miss both of you too. at times id like to even just spend 1 minute out of this nightmare just to hold and kiss you guys to make it seem a little bit easier. im sure he will like whatever you get him for xmas, and i know that as he gets older he’ll understand how things work. well things here always seem to be......uhm whats the word.....interesting i guess you can say. you never know whats gonna happen and thats the worst part. do me a favor though, when you go to my sisters or moms or wherever you see my family let them know that i love them very much..ok? well i better get going, i have a lot of stuff to do. but hopefully ill get to hear from you pretty soon.*muah* and hugs. tell mijo im proud of him too!

love always,
your other half
Juan Campos, e-mail message to his wife, Dec. 12, 2006.

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