Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Search: Perpetuating the Pilfering vis a vis the Holocaust

The visual style of "The Search" is clear, simple, pastel-colored, in a classic Belgian-Franco comic tradition. "Less is more," Heuvel, the artist, said in a recent telephone conversation, acknowledging that he pilfered liberally from Tintin's inventor, Hergé. "We spent endless hours making sure that the Nazi costumes were kept to a minimum because boys can glorify these things."
On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 4:44 AM, Hendrik Berends <hendrik.berends@web.de> wrote:
Dear Marguerita

Thank you for the presentation of your work. The article from the New York Times was a bit misleading though as REPRODUKT is not the publisher of the comic "The Search", but the Anne Frank-Center here in Berlin. This center is based in the same house where our spokeswoman Jutta Harms is additionally working for an independet gallery. However, similar topics are covered by Elke Steiner at our own publishing program.

"We are always looking for personal stories and artists that have mastered their craft and are able to tell them in a thought-out way. But unfortunately, I have to tell you that your style doesn't match with our current line of publishings and is not what we expect to see about such a serious theme. Especially the very bright coloration deters us from publishing your work."
Maybe this episode is of interest ???????

The Fragebogen



And Yes,the trees in Auschwitz are still green :http://atireugram.blogspot.com/2007/02/krakow.html Apropos:
Thomas Heppener, director of the Anne Frank Center in Berlin, said, "There was also a lot of discussion about color." Black-and-white, he noted, is now a cliché of art and movies about the Holocaust. Color is less melodramatic. "And you know the trees were still green at Auschwitz," he added.

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