Thursday, April 5, 2007

qigong- the art of clouds and rain......

Sometime ago,I got a book from a doctor friend of mine.
Dr.Au,is aware that I am very interested in Chinese culture,so she gave me a book by Kenneth S.Cohen, the way of Qigong,which I read very slowly and attentively ,as humor is one of the aspects of that culture,although the Western world is
not so aware of.
Here is a passage ; " when the mythical Yellow Emperor asked his sexual mentor,Su Nu ( The Pure Maiden) whether it was advisable for him to refrain from sex,she said"
If you do not copulate,the shen,(spirit)and qi will be blocked and obstructed;how then will you be able to reach a state of perfect health?"
And a nother legendary patriarch of qigong,Peng Zu,was asked about sex,said,
"Man does not want to be without woman;if he has to do without her,his mind will become restive,if his mind becomes restive his spirit will become fatigued,and if his spirit becomes fatigued his life will be shortened."
In fact,China's original religion,Daoism,is one of the world's only major religion in which food and sex are considered important paths to enlightenment.
According to a passage from the Daoist classic Yang Xing Yan Ming Lu (Record of Nourishing Nature and Lengthening Life)
translated by professor Douglas Wile in his Art of the Bedchamber:
Those who take the "great elixir",engage in breathing exercises and internal circulation... but do not know the root of life,are like trees who have ample branches and luxuriant leaves but are without roots.The root of life is in the business of the bedroom.
The mystical union (bao yi,"embracing the One") as the path
to longevity and health.
The medium is the massage..........

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