Sunday, April 22, 2007

the false embrace

Tamandua- is what the Brazilians call this large,misformed and monstruos animal.It usually sits on its two hind legs,leaning its back against a tree in the upright position.It stretches its two front legs out,of which has three pointed claws,hoping to spot a young deer or a piglet to embrace it and crush it to death with its legs;however,it cannot do anyone harm with its long,pointed nose as its mouth is extremely small in comparison to the size of its body, so small that not even a child's finger can be fitted in the mouth.Tamandua's main food are ants.

Abraco de Tamandua,translates as the Tamandua's hug,
which is an expression frequently used in Brazil to convey treatcherous behavior and misleading feelings.

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