Thursday, June 21, 2007

2008 Presidential Candidate

painting by marguerita
Introducing here the LACTEA Party candidate for President:
Sincere and very down to earth character,with a concern for the poor, in need,social reform and intellectual properties.
"Canem et circenses" is his motto.
His deep sniff into the real problems afflicting and being inflicted by the current administrations
all over the planet,will certainly replace the stagnation , stink and miasma.Look into his eyes and the world will be able to see the moon backwards and a hope for a transformation from chaos to harmony.
The dream for centuries of the calm reality so desired for the time each soul is granted Time to be spent on the big ball playground.
Our 2008 candidate, certainly agrees that bullets,armaments would never make a recipe for good and tasty food.There is no mention in the Larousse Gastronomique
fullfilling the stomachs of the gourmets,gourmands or even the very simple living being , with military productions or concotions.
We cannot even imagine in the present days a "Dejeuner sur l''herbe",
c’est enfin cet ensemble vaste, plein d'air, ce coin de la nature rendu avec une simplicité si juste, toute cette page admirable dans laquelle un artiste a mis tous les éléments particuliers et rares qui étaient en lui. » by Emile Zola
allowing our minds to dream,without reminding ourselves about the fear constantly projected onto us,where poets and creative souls seem to be displaced and uprooted by the speed of violence and blood spilling.
The Earth is falling apart,the birds and beautiful creations of Nature disappearing from sight,the waters everywhere shallow and deep poisoned,the fish full of mercury and other lethal elements and Man and Woman lost, wandering and wondering in Despair.
The candidates agenda is just beyond a "Rocky Horror Show", discussing a war,that should have never have taken place, immigration, forgetting totally historical and geographical facts to be the origins of our disgruntlement : maps designed and outlined by ancestors in the recent Past and as a result,We the Present Living, harvesting the consequences.
The roots of discord and anger are clearly the outcome of greed,invasion,looting,human indifference and now the ramification in 3D of individual acts by special interest groups focused in Destruction, instead of Construction, who systematically repeat the same and covering up the truth.
We can try another route for survival in harmony.The meaningful question of what is needed for all of us to co- exist is a simple priority: consideration about Rice and Beans to achieve Peace and Means.

We cannot digest machines, bullets,bombs and other life ending projectiles.We were not built to withstand pollution of the Air and the Mind.We can create a Paradise .If there is a will,there is a way .
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