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My Holocaust vis a vis Mensch


The NYTimes reviewer(same guy who wrote the Joe Louis boxer book) for " My Holocaust" by Tova Reich , I can attest,he is not a "mensch".

I myself ran into some of the notorious Holocaust "owners" years ago,when I, as an artist and a daughter of an Auschwitz survivor and descendant of the rabbinical dynasty of Akiva Eiger,was denied by them to design the poster for the


It so happens,that the "owners" in fact,some of them did not go to Auschwitz at all .

I have not read the book,only aware about through reviews.

What caught my attention and concern, in fact,is the issue about the people involved with the Holocaust movement, which I confronted years ago and felt great resentment for their conduct.Even now,the scandals around the Jewish World Congress,where Edgar Bronfman is being substituted by Ronald Lauder,and I hope,that the same corruption does not continue.

On my own, I have a nice set of horror stories that I experienced when I met a number of them , The Holocaust & Co Owners" as I call them myself. They have caused me to feel ashamed of being a Jew or even connected with them after all.
I met the shmatte "hero" Jack Eisner,who paid a French film maker to make a movie about his "heroic" acts,which were in truth figments of his imagination.
He also paid for the publication of a vanity book THE SURVIVOR.
.And the other one the grand Benjamin Meed and his heroine Wladka Meed.
But as the old saying goes; The oil always comes up in the water",or as my mother would say" Until the fat man loses weight,the skinny ones dies".
The absurdity in that matter reveals itself in me in the most kafkaesque manner,as I am the only one,descendant of prominent Jewish European families,and for years trying to unravel what happened to my ancestors with no help from anyone.
Throughout time,with some success,I am piecing together information,documents that are proving my legitimate rights and facing enormous obstacles and absurdity.
You may find some of my encounters described on my THE FRAGEBOGEN,as the trip I made to Krakow in 2004,after locating my mother's building there,still on her name.
On that quest,I have quite a hilarious tale to tell.
I went to court in Poland and still in Court with the Polish government.
I have tried through the Lauder Foundation,only getting a minimal help,when the main genealogical researcher under contract to Lauder, Yale Reisner,was made the director of the Jewish Archives in Warsaw.After pleading with him,as a jest of kindness,he sent some information about my father's side,who he admitted himself,"after spending only half an hour" in the Archives.So, that was all I was able to get from his part,because he could only respond to Lauder's requests.
I got some help from Lucjian Dobroszycki,who was YIVO professor of history and was kind enough to direct me to sources where I was able to find information about my mother and also about my father.
My mother was a cosuin of Bruno Jasienski,the author of Paris is Burning,the animators Max and David Fleischer and a descendant of the rabbinical dynasty of Akiva Eiger.
Also in my trip to Krakow,I visited the Krakow Archives where I found 17 documents stamped by the III Reich,relating to my mother's movements ,from when she was forced into the Krakow ghetto with her mother in law and sent to Plaszow and from there to Auschwitz -Birkenau and Ravensbrueck.
I met with the curator of Auschwitz Teresa Zwiebocka and found there in Auyschwitz the date of my mother's arrival.
After putting together some of the information that I was able to gather,I have a form belief that Raoul Wallenberg,the so called hero,was the man,that my mother told me about,who was hiding in Zurich after 1944 in her sister in law's home and later living in Krakow,in her building.

So,I think that the book by Tova,may open a door to all the lies that have been built around this horrible event by the human race.

The dead,which include my ancestors,cannot talk and I can imagine,that if they could be around,they would speak out of being twice murdered.

Once by Hitler and his accomplices and again by the Holocaust merchants.
The Fragebogen

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