Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kid- Ney and a little story

“Beware of seriousness: it is a form of stupidity,” - said Evelyn Waugh

My kidneys

give me hell,so I have been writing for sometime a little play of sorts and illustrate along.After all I live with organs in a battleground, within me,despite the one I watch in the outside world.
The kidneys are bean-shaped organs, each about 4 to 5 inches (12 centimeters) long. One lies on each side of the spinal column, just behind the abdominal cavity, which contains the digestive organs. Each kidney receives blood through a branch of the aorta, called the renal artery. Blood flows from the renal artery into progressively smaller arteries, the smallest being the arterioles. From the arterioles, blood flows into glomeruli, which are tufts of microscopic blood vessels called capillaries. Blood exits each glomerulus through an arteriole that connects to a small vein. The small veins join to form a single large renal vein, which carries blood away from each kidney.

All of the functions normally performed by two kidneys can be carried out adequately by one healthy kidney. Some people are born with only one kidney and others choose to donate one kidney. In other cases, one kidney may be severely damaged by disease or injury.

The primary function of the kidneys is to maintain the proper balance of water and minerals (including electrolytes) in the body. Additional functions include filtration and excretion of waste products from the processing of food, drugs, and harmful substances (toxins); regulation of blood pressure; and secretion of certain hormones.
The characters have interesting names,as Medulla,who reminds me of Messalina,,Cortex,Calix,which I changed to le Duc Renal Von Sinus, Renal Pelvis,who reminds me of Elvis, Nephrons, as the writer and Ureter as Uranus.

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