Sunday, June 3, 2007


Last Thursday,as I was suffering from a terrible headache,I received a dreadful call.The voice on the other side,was calling me by my first name and as I asked,who it was,she said Police...." YOUR SON........
had an accident.
WHAAAAAT ? I nearly died.
"He is here.He is going to tell you what happened."
Jacob,was riding his bicycle in Brooklyn, when a car hit him and he fell against the windshield,and luckily escaped with his life ,only that he broke his collarbone and now I am hoping that he will heal and not need a surgery.
I am always very conscious about Life."Memento Mori",as my mother ,an Auschwitz survivor would remind me.I grew up with a sense of loving life,of a joie de vivre very intense and cultivating every moment like Candide by Voltaire,despite every obstacle imposed on me.Of course I get stressed out. My body is well aware and reacting to the stress that goes through my mind.
Every moment of ours here on this beleaguered Earth, is a challenge of survival, but we must by all means realize who are we vis a vis Death.
The words about Stress Control posted here,are on the back of the pain medication that Jacob is taking now.
Jacob is a teen ager,very mature in many ways, who was defying my words of precaution.He was always mocking my alerts.
He realizes now,that when you are dead,you are gone and this message goes for all of us.The politicians who get the power to run our lives and create a state of chaos in the world,using any excuse to start wars,destroy the environment and oblivious completely about the reality of life.
I am always looking at the photo attached here,which shows these three elements laughing.They are dead,but we,today are suffering from their decisions and indifference for the outcome and consequences to Humanity.
Maybe my vision of existence is so sharp,as I come from the ashes, and the accident of my son,only makes me think and tie one fact with the other,which is the consciousness that raised in Jacob's mind.

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