Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't veto,don't obey- another point of discussion-presidential candidate

drawing by marguerita
Besides war,immigration and other deadly themes,the candidate is open
to debate:
Everything western society tells you is wrong. Take the traditional norms - "the cultural mandate of self reliance", consumerism, "open and honest communication", individualism, democracy, personal autonomy, egalitarianism - and smash them to pieces. They are all anathema to good sex, which for reasons best known to our deepest, most primitive brain centres, depends on large doses of secrecy, power imbalances and vulnerability for its success. You don't like it, I don't like it, and neither do any of the authors, but our nether regions do, so tough. Bring out the gimp.
Recognize that love is an elevated state of being,that promises that "with you and through you, I will become that which I long to be.
Sexuality is a powerful,transformative realm of experience that deserves to be considered on its own terms,outside of traditional and religious considerations.
Chart the progress of Desire from Curiosity to Intimacy and convey how sexual chemistry can turn into love.
(some words ,excerpts from Lady Chatterley's review by A.O.Scott)

War can be replaced by the sensuality of sunshine, wild flowers and fresh air.


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