Sunday, November 11, 2007

Conjugal Detritus or a Study of Betrayal

drawing by marguerita
Or an exercise about lack of tenderness,gentleness.

The name claustrophobia comes from the Latin word claustrum which means "a bolt, a place shut in" and the Greek word phobos meaning "fear".

The apparent ability of humans to enter such states of Suspended Animation which is commonly reported across many tribal and other cultures, has not been scientifically tested. Yet suspended animation in humans is currently undergoing testing, as it has been shown that hibernation induction trigger may have the potential to induce hibernation in humans If interment (burial) is not reversed within a short period of time, it rapidly leads to death, usually through one or more of the following: asphyxiation, dehydration, starvation, or (in cold climates)
Although human survival may be briefly extended in some environments as body metabolism slows, in the absence of air, loss of consciousness will take place within 2 to 4 minutes and death by asphyxia within 5 to 15 minutes. Permanent brain damage through oxygen starvation is likely after a few minutes, even if the person is rescued before death. If fresh air is accessible in some way, survival is more likely to be on the order of days (in the absence of serious injury).
A person trapped with air to breathe can thus last a considerable time, and burial has been used as a very cruel method of execution, lasting sufficiently long for the victim to comprehend and imagine every stage of what is happening (being trapped in total darkness with very limited or no movement) and to experience great psychological and physical torment including panic and extreme claustrophobia.

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