Monday, November 12, 2007

Memory Train to Auschwitz

pastel drawing by marguerita
Teresa Swiebocka,my sons Stefan and Jacob at Auschwitz -2004

A unique traveling train-mounted Holocaust exhibition will leave Frankfurt railway station Friday and begin its six-month-long journey through Germany to Auschwitz in Poland. The exhibit commemorates the fate of the estimated 1.5 million children and youth who were rounded up between 1940 and 1944 and transported by the former Reichsbahn to the concentration camps.
"Trains were the decisive means of transportation for carrying people to the concentration camps and the ghettos," Hans-Rüdiger Minow, head of the private initiative that organized the exhibition, told reporters at a press conference Thursday. "And it was only in the train stations that other people witnessed the fate of the deported at that time at all."According to the exhibition's organizers, 12,089 German Jewish children were rounded up and carried by rail to the extermination camps. "After we were persecuted everywhere on the streets for being Jews, we thought that the trains would take us to a better place," 76-year-old Margot Kleinberger, who was 11 years old when she was deported from Hanover, told reporters Thursday. "But almost no one survived the camps where they took us.",1518,516430,00.html

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