Tuesday, November 20, 2007

News from Poland :One Duck is out and how to reconnect the ducts

drawings by marguerita

The Kaczynski twins went a long way toward destroying Poland's relations with Europe. Now that Donald Tusk has become prime minister, the repairs have begun. But how much of the damage can he really fix? By Jan Puhl
.Radek Sikorski has rammed a sign into the ground in front of his property near the town of Bydgoszcz. "De-Communized Zone," it reads. It's been a full 16 years since the collapse of the Soviet bloc, but such a clear break with the country's socialist past remains an important credential for a Polish politician to have. The 44-year-old Sikorski, though, has other elements on his political resume. He also happens to wear elegant suits and possess a razor-sharp wit -- not to mention that he speaks English almost as well as he speaks Polish.
The historically difficult relations between Warsaw and Berlin are worse than ever. In the European Union, the Poles are seen as troublemakers and national egotists. And a dispute over food imports and US plans to station missiles on Polish territory have practically severed Poland's ties to Moscow.


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