Tuesday, November 6, 2007


drawing by marguerita "Toi, si tu as quelque chose à dire, tu as qu'à venir ici !"

“Sarko l’Américain,” as he is called, is considered the most pro-American French president in decades. He unabashedly confesses his admiration for the United States, particularly the American work ethic and American popular culture
Mr. Sarkozy has faulted the American health-care system, which leaves many Americans uninsured,
and the fact that much of America knows and cares little about the rest of the world.
“If I was in love with the American model, I’d go and live there,” he wrote in “Testimony.” “This is not the case.”
As correspondent Lesley Stahl found out, he's young, high energy, and thoroughly intriguing.
"They call you 'Sarko the American.' Why?" Stahl asked.

"‘Cause I love America. I want to be friend of America," the president replied.

"But the name?" she asked.
"I am proud of this nickname. J’aime musique Américaine," Sarkozy explained, saying he likes U.S. music.

"Elvis Presley of course," he said.
"This story will introduce you to the American people. What do you most want them to know about you?" Stahl asked.
"I want the Americans to know that they can count on us," Sarkozy explained.
"But, at the same time, we want to be free to disagree."

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