Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Apropos A Vision....

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  • All things are subject to a cycle of changes, which can be regarded as bi-polar, passing from a state of objectivity to one of subjectivity before returning to objectivity again. This can be seen as a form of oscillation, or a circuit around a wheel, and divides experience into the two halves of objectivity and subjectivity.

    • Under the term objective can be taken all that is collective, unifying, and which involves the individual being absorbed in something greater than itself, be that nature, society, God.
    • Under the term subjective can be taken all that is individualising, separating, pluralist and which involves the individual being differentiated as itself.
  • Between the two poles, there are stages which represent varying proportions of objectivity and subjectivity, and directions of movement towards either objectivity or subjectivity. Human life falls between the poles, since the extreme states are abstract.

  • The System is fundamentally humanistic and amoral. It deals almost exclusively with human experience and the human condition. The divine features, but is marginalised and seen as relevant only to part of the objective half of the Wheel. The individual soul is the focus, but more in terms of earthly experience and the series of reincarnations, which are the basis of the System, than in terms of spirituality. The spiritual is largely the province of the after-life.

  • Human life is intrinsically subjective, the after-life intrinsically objective. However, the soul passes through a series of objective lives, then a series of subjective lives, then again objective and so on.

  • Within the System completeness of experience is seen as the goal and the fortune of a subsequent life is determined by having exhausted experience in a given incarnation and the after-life that follows it, rather than by good or evil deeds.

  • The order of incarnations is largely immutable, with the nature of contiguous incarnations changing gradually; there may be repetitions, because of incompleteness, and small jumps, if a life has been lived and understood very fully.

  • In a given incarnation the nature of the goal in life is determined first and foremost by whether it falls in the objective or subjective part of the cycle. If it is objective, then the purpose is to recognise reality and to conform with the external world. If it is subjective, then the purpose is to sustain the inner dream and to follow it regardless of external pressure.

  • All humanity must pass through the same Phases, if you are in an objective incarnation you have been and will be in subjective ones at the appropriate stage, and vice versa. Therefore individual self-expression is important, but so is tolerance and allowing others to fulfil their own expression. Imposing what is right for you on others is tyranny, and imposing the values of others or of previous lives will lead to failure: if objective principles are retained during subjective lives then the life will not be lived adequately, and vice versa.

  • The role of the after-life is to reach an understanding of the previous incarnate life, to absorb the understood experience on a spiritual level, and then to prepare for the following life.

  • The world goes through cycles as well as the individual soul. There are several cycles of varying length in operation at any one time.

  • The current stage of the world is objective on several levels, so that the subjective is marginalised. However, there will shortly be a reversal, so that one of the major cycles will move into a subjective stage. This will enable the subjective to regain some prominence.

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