Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pax,Peace,Paz,Paix,Pacem in Terris......

drawing by marguerita all rights reserved .From unpublished book series "Watching You Watch Them"

"Con l’ordine mirabile dell’universo continua a fare stridente contrasto il disordine che regna tra gli esseri umani e tra i popoli; quasicché i loro rapporti non possono essere regolati che per mezzo della forza.

Any human society, if it is to be well-ordered and productive, must lay down as a foundation this principle, namely, that every human being is a person, that is, his(her) nature is endowed with intelligence and free will. Indeed, precisely because he(she) is a person he(she) has rights and obligations flowing directly and simultaneously from his(her) very nature.
And as these rights and obligations are universal and inviolable so they cannot in any way be surrendered.

Beginning our discussion of the rights of man(woman), we see that every man (woman)has the right to life, to bodily integrity, and to the means which are suitable for the proper development of life; these are primarily food, clothing, shelter, rest, medical care, and finally the necessary social services.

Therefore a human being also has the right to security in cases of sickness, inability to work, widowhood, old age, unemployment, or in any other case in which he is deprived of the means of subsistence through no fault of his(her) own.

By the natural law every human being has the right to respect for his (her)person, to his (her)good reputation.

The right to freedom in searching for truth and in expressing and communicating his (her)opinions, and in pursuit of art, within the limits laid down by the moral order and the common good; and he(she) has the right to be informed truthfully .

If we turn our attention to the economic sphere it is clear that man (woman)has a right by the natural law not only to an opportunity to work, but also to go about his (her)work without coercion.

The family, grounded on marriage freely contracted, monogamous , is and must be considered the first and essential cell of human society. From this it follows that most careful provision must be made for the family both in economic and social matters as well as in those which are of a cultural and moral nature, all of which look to the strengthening of the family and helping it carry out its function.

From the dignity of the human person, there also arises the right to carry on economic activities according to the degree of responsibility of which one is capable.
Furthermore -- and this must be specially emphasized -- the worker has a right to a wage determined according to criterions of justice, and sufficient, therefore, in proportion to the available resources, to give the worker and his(her) family a standard of living in keeping with the dignity of the human person.

The human person is also entitled to a juridical protection of his (her)rights, a protection that should be efficacious, impartial and inspired by the true norms of justice.
"That perpetual privilege proper to man(woman), by which every individual has a claim to the protection of his(her) rights, and by which there is assigned to each a definite and particular sphere of rights, immune from all arbitrary attacks, is the logical consequence of the order of justice .
The right of every man(woman) to life is correlative with the duty to preserve it; his (her)right to a decent standard of living with the duty of living it becomingly; and his (her)right to investigate the truth freely, with the duty of seeking it ever more completely and profoundly.

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