Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Glamour and Sex:Blow UP and A Lesson in Love

drawing by Marguerita (section from poster ad campaign for The Village VOICE)

Glamour and Sex,no matter how tawdry or morally corrupt,command our attention and whet our fantasies.The self-absorbed
and miserable,perhaps,but also fashionable and sexy.A contradiction unresolved in popular culture.
Mr. Antonioni’s death on Monday, so close to Ingmar Bergman’s, should give us pause. Their deaths bring down the final curtain on the high-modernist era of filmmaking,
For all their differences of temperament, Mr. Bergman and Mr. Antonioni were staunch moralists. If Mr. Bergman, the Scandinavian, was stern and austere, Mr. Antonioni, the Italian, was a sensuous aesthete who, when it suited him, resorted to painting nature the way he wanted it to look on the screen.http://nytimes.com/2007/08/01/movies/01appr.html?8dpc
Também como o mestre sueco, Antonioni tentou compreender a alma feminina, mesmo sabendo que tal tarefa é sempre destinada ao fracasso, como aliás já sabia o próprio Freud.
Assim como Bergman, tinha interesse pelas situação do homem em sociedade e, sobretudo, as complicadas relações do casal moderno.
As Bergman,Antonioni attempted to understand the feminine soul,though aware that such a
target was bound to fail,as Freud himself attested.
As Bergman,he was interested and inspired by the issues and circumstances of the modern man
and his marital commitments. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000774/filmoyear

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