Saturday, July 7, 2007

Brazilian cartoonist that caused me lot of trouble years ago........

cartas/letters written by Carlos Heitor Cony
a.k.a Jose Balsamo

Once upon a time, I was living and working in Brazil, where I grew up.
I became very known through my drawings as a fine artist and cartoonist. My wit, working for the press and tv, achieving public recognition from North to South when I created the title sequence for O REBU. It's a teleplay being of social parody written by Braulio Pedroso,the playwright also known for his satirical vision of the Brazilian haute world.
I had two Humor pages, one in Manchete and the other in Revista Mais" MARGARIDA, The Incredible Modern Woman. At night I worked for the Jornal da Tarde and created advertising campaigns by day when called by the ad agencies.
As a young woman with an independent mind I ruffled the feathers of the male establishment. Reigning the self appointed king and god of the comics in Brazil, Ziraldo.
He and his brother Zelio, who for several years before had caused me great pain and trouble, "lost it" when my artwork appeared in the Swiss publication GRAPHIS #179, an article produced by the publisher/editor Walter Herdeg.
They pursued me to the letter, in Brazil, in Zurich, in Paris, and in New York, causing me a "character assassination", thus sidelining me professionally and hurting me profoundly in every sense.
My art was always my raison d'etre, my passport means of survival since I was a little girl.

Well, cutting short a long story, few days ago, the self appointed god and ruler of his limited mind made a statement during an interview on a Brazilian television program calling the Internet "a place for INSANE people" and a series of insults regarding ALL the users online.
Immediately a general outcry in the media, readers and viewers are responding with repulsion to his words.
Finally, after so many years of feeling an unimaginable frustration, as here I was on my path, a young artist, achieving on my own, only through my talent and public acceptance, finding myself lost in lies and limbo, able to witness and now able to receive a consolation award from Destiny.
My tears, damage and revolt aside, I remember my mother's words years ago. Here it goes more or less....:
"The hunchback does not grow as far as the sky"

Noticiario © Blue Bus

'1 ultimo comentario porque sobre o Ziraldo ninguem aguenta mais' 16:15 Leitor escreve - "Júlio, Que culpa que nós temos se o Ziraldo só acessa conteúdo do antro de débil mental ou só conteúdo de idiotas e ou se ele só conhece usuários babacas? Vamos com calma, ele é um usuário novo, um dia ele aprende a filtrar os lixos, utilizar Feeds, PodCast, Enciclopédias, Suporte, Blogs e principalmente a comunicaçao com usuários nao babacas e aí vai gostar do conteúdo que ele acessa a hora que quiser e o mais importante, se quiser!". 06/07 Beto Traballi
'A idade do Ziraldo nao importa e ele tem o direito de aqui
Ao contrario de outros meios, a internet é de todos, in aqui
Sobre Ziraldo A web mostra apenas a imbecilidade gera aqui
'É perigoso generalizar mas o Ziraldo nao deixa de ter aqui
Sobre Ziraldo As vezes é dificil entender o q meus so aqui
A internet é o antro Leitor sugere q devemos perdoar aqui
A internet é o antro do que? Leitora deixa 1 conselho p aqui
A internet é o antro do que? Leitora diz q Ziraldo é de aqui
A internet é o antro do que? Leitor comentando a opinia aqui
A internet é o antro do debil mental disse o Ziraldo aqui

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