Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Armadillo &Rove:Armarove

Armadillos rely on speed or their digging ability to escape danger...oops Rove!
Not fair for the armadillo,though.
Armadillos are prolific diggers, and many species use their sharp claws to dig.
Armadillos have poor vision but are not blind.Most escape predators by fleeing or
roll on its back and tucks its tail in its mouth when things get tough.
The animal will not survive in areas where the soil is too hard to dig.
Many other wildlife species use and benefit from abandoned armadillo burrows.
Armadillos don't see well. They don't hear well, either.
But they do have long, sharp claws, and
they have been known to eat lawyers.
Note:Rove & Supreme Court
The armadillo may well be the best-loved animal in Austin. http://austinlinks.com/dillo.html

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