Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Professor Ozcan's humorous fantasy carries the reader along in the spontaneous flow of an imaginary situation that sounds not so impossible.
This talented author now teaches in Sweden and contributes to quality literature with his pen and mind.
Terse in his answers, Askin shared his thoughts about humor and his books.
Humor is a good medicine.
It relaxes and enriches our souls. It can also teach us things, if its contents contain knowledge. But its primary goal is to make us laugh.
I was born in Turkey where humor is an important aspect of life
and literature and film and theater.
My father, a school principal, was also a very humorous man.
I am 67 according to my papers. According to my feelings I am 27. According to my DNA probably I date back to the Cro- Magnon age.
To earn money, much nonsense is being created. I write because I like.
Not for money or fame. If I earn that is good.
If I become famous doesn’t matter to me.
In a short time I won big recognition in many countries and book reviews appeared in USA, UK, Sweden, Turkey, Italy so far. It is unfortunate that my books are only sold on internet shops .
Bookshops buy on credit and my publisher sells only with advance payment.
Bookshops are missing a big profit because they don’t carry THE SECOND VENICE. Of course one can order it from a book shop by giving its ISBN 1598000888.
WISDOM IN SMILE is a wonderful collection of humorous short stories, and STOCKHOLM STORIES is my memoirs of my life in my residence in Stockholm for thirty years. Both will be out in a few months time by Xlibris

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