Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hugo Jaeger- Silence Is not Golden

propaganda posters -1930 - pantzer car 1929

The bizarre path that images can sometimes take on their way from the camera to the public is demonstrated by the color pictures taken during the war by one of Hitler's personal photographers, Hugo Jaeger, whose photos make up many of those appearing in the book. Unlike Hilter's main photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, Jaeger specialized in taking color photos of the Nazi propaganda spectacles as well as Hitler himself. The book shows the strength of Jaeger's photographs in expressing the hypnotic power of the spectacle of the Nazis and the creation of the Fuehrer mythology that the majority of the Germany people subscribed to.
When the Allied victory began to look certain, Jaeger carefully packed his negatives into preserving jars and buried them in the ground, fearing that his work would be seen as incriminating by the advancing Allied troops. In 1970, he sold about 2,000 slides to the American magazine Life, making public for the first time some of the best photographs of Hitler. Then his work disappeared from public view, gathering dust in the archives of the Getty Images photo agency, where it has remained unappreciated and largely unknown until now.,1518,339540,00.html

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