Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Aleksander Pushkin Russian 19th century author who often has been considered his country's greatest poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. Pushkin blended Old Slavonic with vernacular Russian into a rich, melodic language. He was the first to use everyday speech in his poetry. Pushkin's Romantic contemporaries were Byron (d. 1824) and Goethe (d. 1832), but his ironic attitude can be connected to the literature of the 18th century, especially to Voltaire. Pushkin wrote some 800 lyrics with a dozen narrative poems.Pushkinpioneered the use of vernacular speech in his poems and plays,creating a style of storytelling- mixing drama,romance and satire.
"Love passed, the muse appeared, the weather
of mind got clarity newfound;
now free, I once more weave together
emotion, thought, and magic sound."

(from Eugene Onegin, 1823)
A main theme of Eugene Onegin is the relation between fiction and real life.
As art often imitates life, people too are often shaped by art.
The romantic sister, Tatiana, is reading a romance novel when her mother tells her real life is not like that. The work is packed with allusions to other literary works and most of the main characters have been influenced and had their personalities shaped by, or modelled on, different works of literature.

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