Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Viva Sex!

drawings by marguerita
“Human relationships are important to the very end".
For many people sexual activity does not diminish much at all.”

and what about the crocodiles?
Crocodiles hail from the great age of reptiles well over 70 million years ago.
Since then, the world has changed dramatically around them, but amazingly, they have changed little. They are the only great reptile predator to have outlived the dinosaurs.
Ancient they may be, but 70 million years on, they are still the most successful freshwater predator. Most of the waterways in the tropics these days have their own species of crocodile. How come that they've been so successful for so long?
Well, it seems that their design, when it first appeared, was already very advanced, and it's kept them successful ever since.
They have a ability to slow their metabolism down to almost zero and thus not have to feed for lengthy periods, for up to two years in some cases.
Crocodiles are sensitive to touch.
When she hears his rumbling invitation, she wastes no time, and the low frequency calls guide her through the murk and vegetation. Female alligators move freely from the territory of one male into that of another's. Even though the call may come from the remotest part of the swamp, she soon finds him. Then, things get intimate. After lengthy calling, the physical part of the courtship begins. Alligators may mate with several partners during the short summer breeding season. Crocodiles are extremely sensitive to touch.

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