Friday, August 17, 2007

It 's now or never

It's now or never,
come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
it's now or never
My love won't wait.

When I first saw you
with your smile so tender
My heart was captured,
my soul surrendered
I'd spend a lifetime
waiting for the right time
Now that your near
the time is here at last.

Elvis worship is not about reason
it's about Love.
And in the year 2007,that love is being spread in the great snow globe that is the Web."Before Elvis,there was nothing"John Lennon once said....Elvis's.arrival seen as the beginning of an increasingly depraved downward spiral into an abyss of moral turpitude and decadent,primeval music......
.according to

Your lips excite me,
let your arms invite me
For who knows when
we'll meet again this way

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