Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Homo erectus & Homo habilis:Homo Terribilis

So while the sky is falling,New York City drowning,some fossils were found in Kenya,
which are a threat to the common belief about Man's existence on this Earth.
and in Brazil,women are complaining that the Brazilian male species is a dysfunctional reptile.A debate is posted in a blog which affirms that Sex and Intelligence are not compatible?
Yet since early modern homoeroticism was not simply analogous to heteroeroticism, I contend that the libidinalized suffering of martyrs simultaneously energized the tropes of male friendship, an erotic discourse which, while central to dominant social, political and religious alliances, was often discursively indistinguishable from sodomy.6 Foxes text thus points to an interaction of "productive" and "disruptive" homoeroticisms that work in cooperation to structure the male subject of martyrology....
The other night I was reading a book I have about Sex and Taos,where the author maintains that all our problems,in fact ,stem from the relationship of Man & Woman.
Homo Sapiens until now,despite research and constant findings seems to be in fact a troubled self.In the animal world,terrestrian and aquatic,in the Insect world,the creatures seem to be much more organized in terms of handling issues about food and sex,if not menaced by Man himself.
Insects work together,take care of their progeny.
At a close look, all creatures besides Man & Woman,do not pile up garbage ,the way we do,there seems to be some protocol and boundaries respected,a fact that Man& Woman simply ignore and then philosophers and satirists try to point out through time immemorial.
Now that man made structures are falling apart everywhere on the globe,air and waters polluted and becoming scarce,Man & Woman began to run around like chickens without a head warning of an impending disaster : Eureka!
What are all going to do?
And Man is still worried about him being Erectus or Habilis.....

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