Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Krakow, a thought for Chris Schwartz

Teresa Swiebocka,me and my sons

photos Arbeit Macht Frei by marguerita
Block 24

Auschwitz 2004: If only my mother could have seen me walking there 60 years later,where she was brought from Ravensbrueck to Auschwitz on 22.10.1944.
I was able to see with my own eyes the data in the archives,where I met Teresa Swiebocka,the curator.(She asked me to read the book KL AUSCHWITZ SEEN BY THE SS ( Rudold Hoss,Pery Broad,Johann Paul Kremer)
A note of absurd: The judge that interrogated me in the Krakow Court,in my quest to retrieve my mother's building,asked me why my mother did not have documents after the war?
The number A.26.427 tattooed on my mother's left arm was not enough of an I.D.....

Galicia, a region of Eastern Europe now divided between Poland and Ukraine. Galicia had been a homeland for Jews since the 14th-century king, Casimir III the Great, invited them to settle there with a vow to protect them as “people of the king.”

Before the Holocaust, Poland had the largest Jewish population in Europe, about 3.5 million. More than three million were killed by the Nazis.

I met Chris in 2004 .

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