Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Margyorker wonderful world

No one ever insisted more heatedly on the coldness of the human heart,murky motives. An in-depth reconstruction of how to preserve independence by extinction.A more complex problem lies in the nature of creatingstraightforward:People are so afraid of it, but these people don’t look scary at all. We encountered a lot of resistance.The same people who believed the first story refused to believe the second, and vice versa. In a sense, they believed or refused to believe each story before it was published—although it had occurred.
The world of fiction and the world of ideas mean so much to David Remnick, an editor with passionate views, who has been described as a hysterical realist.He fears rampant caricature,the Fear of Fear itself,acting in the name of national security, but the only security at play is his job security.Instead of just fixing a glitch,which would be a good idea, he is too scared as Noam Chomski,once commented on.He tried to restrain through menacing legal threats , to use the court’s ruling to grab an artist's right of expression through fear-mongering to dominate his very real and present vulnerabilities.

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