Sunday, September 9, 2007

News from all over:NUMBERS MATTER

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Blue Balls for the "All Blacks"
A coach for New Zealand's national rugby team -- the "All Blacks" -- prepares for a training session while holding two Swiss exercise balls on Wednesday at Jean Bouin Stadium in Marseille, France.
Europe and Bush

A new survey of European attitudes toward America released this week holds that: We share your fear of terrorists. We don't like Bush. And we don't necessarily plan on being nice once he's gone. At the same time, another world poll adds: And, please, leave Iraq

"When it comes to understanding human behavior, no mammal comes even close to the dog," says Kaminski. Her Leipzig research team has demonstrated that dogs are far better than the supposedly clever apes at interpreting human gestures.

Summer's End


A pair of cows spend their last few days of summer grazing in the Alps before returning to their home at a farm in Ornach near Bolsterlang in the German state of Bavaria. Tens of thousands of German cattle spend their summers in the Alps, and they are famous the world over for the alpine milk and cheese they produce.

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