Monday, September 10, 2007

Sacked for Praising Hitler's Family Policies

German TV Presenter

Eva Herman, a prominent talk show host and author, has been courting controversy over the last year by saying women should stay at home and bear children. Now she has been fired by the c,1518,504790,00.htmlountry's premier TV network for praising Adolf Hitler's family policy.

QUOTE(Deutsche Welle)
"I believe, we women should shut up more often," German TV news presenter Eva Herman said in a recent interview. "Why do we always have to have a say in everything?"
If anybody wishes they could turn back the hands of time, it is Herman. Forget about free will. Forget about emancipation. Forget about equal rights. If she would get a chance to start all over again, she knows what she would do.
"I would look for a man and let him work while I would take care of our five children"she said.
that is the families, that is a togetherness -- it was all abolished, there was nothing left," Herman said."Values such as family, children and motherhood, which were also promoted in the Third Reich, were subsequently abandoned by the 1968 generation."

The ironic twist in the whole story is that Herman -- who was, according to a 2003 poll, Germany's favorite news presenter -- won't get a chance to live her anti-feminist dream. At the age of 47, she has one son, is married for the fourth time and has a distinguished television career behind her.


MK said...

What she said is not wrong. It had nothing to do with Hitler's policies, but with the family structure during his time. She was horribly misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

With "white" birth rates being way below replacement levels all over the world, I'd say she deserves a medal.....

Anonymous said...

I suspect nature will have the last word. Women want children to the same degree men want sex. Lesbians want children. Career women want children. Even female members of the Green Party want children. And after they have children they want grandchildren.

Perhaps the best way for a man to get sex is to claim he really likes children (not as a pick-up line, but more like something casually mentioned on a third date).

Things are going to work out just fine. They always do, no matter how long it takes. Germans are going to be around for hundreds of years to come (I'd use 'thousand' but that might get me fired).