Wednesday, September 26, 2007

News of the Day,Instead of Peace:Le ersatz,Anorexia Bush Good Bye&

Contrary to recent news reports
a unified new structure, there were no plans to announce the formation of a new
body that would have broken under one umbrella.
The resolution also calls to what will happen is that we will see more "arrogant powers.”in their eyes undercutting
in a barely disguised barb
seeking to turn up taking us into a ditch
.While Mr Ahmadinejad may want to believe that his Islamic society is exclusively non-gay, it is a belief undermined by the paradox that transsexuality and sex changes are tolerated and encouraged under Iran's theocratic system.
Meantime,eleven new species, including a snake and two butterflies, have been discovered in a remote region of Vietnam known as the Green Corridor, the WWF reveals today.
Insects are a rich source of inspiration for engineers developing innovative new materials. Many, including moths and butterflies, have anti-reflective eyes that enable them to see in low light. Some have iridescent wings for camouflage and signalling, such as the wing covers of metallic-like beetles. ‘We’ve found for the first time ever that we can not only make the iridescent structures found in nature with conventional engineering, but we can also culture cells to make them for us,’ said Professor Andrew Parker, zoologist at the Natural History Museum, and lead researcher. ‘So rather than developing complicated and expensive engineering techniques, we can let nature do the hard work.’,1518,507842,00.html,,2177068,00.html

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