Friday, September 28, 2007

The Mockingbird

drawing by marguerita
“With tough subjects, I use humor as a social lubricant to move situations forward,” he added. “Laughter is part of having a sense of humor and has that same ability, to move things along.”
Programmed or not, Mrs. Clinton seems to share this view. At a news conference in Iowa last winter, she was peppered with questions about whom she was referring to when she playfully said that she had experience dealing with bad and evil men.
“You guys!” she said to reporters, chuckling, after the third question on the topic. “I thought I was funny. You guys keep telling me, lighten up, be fun. Now I get a little funny, and I’m being psychoanalyzed.”

Life History
Mockingbirds are one of the most commonly noticed birds in the state. They are either applauded for their audaciousness or cursed for their persistence in nocturnal singing or in the defense of their territory. Insects, fruit, crustaceans and small vertebrates make up the mockingbird's diet. The fact that they enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables hasn't exactly made them gardeners' friends either, although they do eat lots of insects.
Alas, they do not eat. the bill variety.

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Denise said...

LOL I have a mockingbird that is always out my window at 4 am.......depending on my mood I either love him/her or want to throw a rock at him/her.................I kinda feel the same way about Hilary..........LOL