Wednesday, September 19, 2007


drawing by marguerita
When it comes to chicken,Europeans seem to only like the breast.
Njonga's rise to prominence began with a campaign against European chicken legs. The legs were being sold in the markets in cities and villages, and their mere existence was driving Cameroonian farmers to despair, because the imported poultry was ruining their business, making it virtually impossible for the farmers to sell their own chickens. The legs were imported from abroad and the domestic chickens, which were only sold live, were twice as expensive by the kilo. The farmers had good reason to be upset. Many of them had invested in their chicken farms in recent years. They had taken out loans and built coops, hoping to benefit from structural change in Cameroon. Families were steadily moving from rural to urban areas, searching for work and a better life.These high-performance chickens a few years ago
even outperform pigs.,1518,506742,00.html

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