Thursday, September 27, 2007

THE FAZ'S NEW LOOK:A Lack of Joie de Vivre

drawing by marguerita
Germany's Most Venerated Paper Gets a Makeover
The German heavyweight newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is making a daring break with tradition. The ban on photographs on the front page will soon be lifted, and editorial headlines will no longer be printed in Gothic script. But the paper's real problems will not be solved with a new image. By Markus Brauck more...,1518,507549,00.html

Italian Policewomen Get High Heels -- In the Wrong Size:

A Sole _Destroying Mistake
Italy's 14,750 female police officers felt delighted when their new high-heeled shoes arrived. But the elegant shoes, which had been made inexpensively in Romania, didn't fit. In Italy, the land of fashion and elegance, it's only natural that public officials want to look good too. And so the Italian police ordered high heeled-shoes for its 14,750 female police officers, who wanted to give their uniform a younger and sexier look.,1518,508225,00.html
Berlin Says US and France Guilty of Hypocrisy

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