Sunday, September 9, 2007

Memories :Zyg and Mea and Senator Dodd

as per verbatim by Senator Dodd

He could really change gears
He absolutely adored her. And she him.
When he was coming home, it was very clear
that everything else was secondary
There was never any doubt in my mind
as to where his greatest affection was
how frightening that can be
no such thing as a saint without a past
and a sinner without a future..
Dodd showed through his evidence that Ukrainian Overlord Eric Koch and defendant Polish Overlord Hans Frank were responsible for the plans to deport one million Poles for slave labor.[7] Dodd also showed evidence that defendant Walther Funk turned the Reichsbank into a depository for gold teeth and other valuables seized from the concentration camp victims. Dodd showed a motion picture of the vaults in Frankfurt where allied troops found cases of these valuables, containing dentures, earrings, silverware and candelabra.[8] Dodd had a flair for drama and showed many gruesome items of evidence, such as a shrunken, stuffed and preserved human skull of one of the concentration camp victims that had been used as a paperweight by the commandant of Buchenwald Concentration Camp.[9]

Twenty of the 21 Nazis had claimed innocence, including Hermann Goering,
whom Dodd had charged with ordering Reinhardt Heydrich to kill the Jews.
In an ironic historical coincidence, among Göring's relatives throughout Eberle/Eberlin line was a great Swiss scholar of art and culture, and a major political and social thinker Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897), an opponent of nationalism and militarism, who rejected German claims of cultural and intellectual superiority, and predicted a cataclysmic 20th century, in which violent demagogues, whom he called "terrible simplifiers," would play central roles[2]

"And all things are sources - not only books, but the whole of life and every kind of spiritual manifestation."

It often happened that an individuals desire to achieve greatness as a ruler or to become famous as a condottieri tended to disrupt the chances of a peaceful existence being enjoyed many other persons. Several historians had opportunity to record "striking and terrible" enterprises that were embarked upon because of a "burning desire to do something great and memorable."
Individuality reached its zenith, according to Burckhardt, in the Renaissance humanists, who turned their backs on Christianity, revered the ancients, and tried to live and write like the ancients.
The visual analogue to the birth of the modern sensibility, one which left behind the superstitious mindset of the Dark Ages.
Burkhardt's historical writings did much to establish art history as an academic discipline, and also have literary value in their own right. His innovative approach to historical research emphasized the value of culture and art when analyzing the social and political trends underlying historical events.

In addition to prosecuting the individual defendants, Dodd demanded in his summation to the Tribunal that all 6 of the indicted Nazi organizations be convicted of crimes against humanity, on the same grounds of the crimes against humanity ascribed to the individual defendants. These six organizations are the Leadership Corps, the Reich cabinet, the Gestapo, The Storm Troops (SA), the Armed Forces, and the Elite Guard (SS). Dodd felt that these organizations should not escape liability on the grounds that they were too large, part of a political party, etc.[11

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