Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wallenberg ,Lauer, and my mother Salomea

How would anyone know about what happened to my my mother Salomea Lauer, vis a vis the Lauers?
,besides my mother,Marylka Lauer,
Leon Frankel,Paula Kalman and my mother's schoolfriend,who was with her in Auschwitz and after the war?
That is the point.
Do you know about that?
Did you ever check what happened inZurich?
Where is Kalman Lauer?
What happened to him?
His name appeared on the Swiss lists.

My mother was married to Josef Lauer.
And become his widow.
The documentation I have about the building in Krakow,shows a trail of strange happenings vis a vis the timing of Wallenberg's disappearance.
Salomea Lauer,my mother instead of leaving Poland,stayed to protect Henryka Blumenfeld,the mother in law of Kalman Lauer.
Consequently my mother landed in Auschwitz.
I have a set of documents that I found in 2004.
After the war,Marylka,the sister of Josef ,married to Leon Frankel,did a number on my mother.
They did not allow her to stay in their home in Zurich,because Raoul was there and took advantage of her vulnerability and his( Frankel 's) legal skills,as he was a lawyer, to
get my mother away from the property in Krakow,that is still registered in her name convincing her to move to Paris and Australia.
For many years,Paula Kalman avoided a direct contact with my mother and I.
Did anyone think that names were changed around here?
That Wallenberg was in hiding ?
That Poland was under Russian occupation,thus being in Poland was like being in Russia?
And all the supposed answers do not make sense at all?

I met with Rachel Bernheim,who told me that "Raoul is the cause d'etre" of her life?????????

I have a set of documents that I found in 2004.

In 1945,the Lauers gave my mother a watch from their factory in Geneve (Lusina) and cash to go to Paris and fixed her up with someone in Australia(not my father)
My reason to look for Raoul is related to the facts of what the Lauers did to my mother,besides that I have to answer non stop to the world,why I do not have a family.

Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 6:07 AM
Subject: Re: Raoul Wallenberg in Zurich

Dear Marguerita --
Thanks for your message. It is so interesting to finally meet another relative of Kalman Lauer. I know that Raoul Wallenberg desperately tried to save the Lauer family, but was unable to act in time. I believe that this caused him great anguish.
I read through your theory concerning Raoul Wallenberg's presence in Zurich after the war. It is interesting, but unfortunately does not coincide with the known facts of Raoul Wallenberg's disappearance. While his trail does brake off after 1947, it is possible to establish Wallenberg's presence in Moscow prisons until then, through both documentation and witnesses.
I saw that you excerpted several passages from my writing on your website. I would kindly ask you to give full citation from where you took this material - as well as indicate the authors and titles of the pieces in question.
While I do not share your theory on Wallenberg's disappearance, I so admire your cause and share in its goal - to educate people about the reality and horrors of the Holocaust, to examine its causes and to hopefully find the truth about Raoul Wallenberg's fate.
With very best wishes to you and your family --

For many years I am trying to dispute the story about Raoul Wallenberg's whereabouts since 1945.


Stefan said...

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Stefan said...

welcome,please contact with me: probebly I have information for You about Your family