Thursday, August 2, 2007


drawing by marguerita
A story that you have to tell visually, and you cannot do that in only one voice.
Qui ment ? Qui dit la vérité ?People that become emotionally unglued from one another.
De fait, le doute ne peut que subsister.Le cœur du sujet.....
La simple logique laisse à penser.Le secrète des relations procède sans doute du rêve,passer sous silence dans leurs descriptions des tractations a les détails and on one stands a thatch of purple wildflowers that glow like neon in the golden light of late afternoon. When night falls, the surface of the lake turns silver,then black. The rough stillness in the air is a constant reminder that,I hadn’t wanted to enter the wilderness alone.
Whatever you take in, you take out, we both , infinitely amused by the directions ,didn’t bat an eye, diverging briefly from the path to a fried egg and with the best view imaginable. We didn’t care — we pulled off our clothes and soaked in the frosty water until I started imagining.

Look!”They looked like ghosts, and they stared at us intently.
Change does not happen overnight.

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