Wednesday, September 5, 2007

El Corazon : Heartfelt Emotions

Simbolismo que a lo largo de la historia el ser humano ha brindado al corazón.
Los mitos, los rituales, las religiones se han referido siempre al corazón, como fuente de la vida,
del amor y las pasiones.
Dibujos, objetos de la vida cotidiana, obras de arte (entre otras, de Leonardo Da Vinci y Andy Warhol), además de el corazón de Jennifer, constituyen la exposición. unique symposium exploring the concept of emotion from broken hearts to neuroscience.
What are emotions?
Can you die of a broken heart?
Do we control our emotions,
or do they control us? Why do we feel love and hate, anger and joy?
Find out at this special symposium exploring the concept of emotion, with leading views from the worlds of science, history, art and philosophy.The heart, widely understood as the place where life begins and ends, has always featured as a potent symbol in our religions, myths and rituals. Modern medical science has taught us that much of the power and influence traditionally attributed to the heart actually lies in the brain. Nevertheless we remain reluctant to let go of the notion - deeply rooted in everyday language and imagery - that the heart is the home of our emotions and of our true character.

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