Friday, October 12, 2007

Are we on Earth?& Cheese News &etc

Lovingkindness, decency, compassion and empathy ....,1-0@2-959155,36-965455,0.html
and as le French say :

Le Gore de la Paix

Après George Bush, les Américains éliront-ils
- une femme
- un Noir
- un Prix Nobel de la Paix ?
Stay tuned…


World War II Bunkers Turn Into Wildlife Haven

By David Crossland in Nettersheim, Germany

Attracted by the calm of long-abandoned machine gun posts, rare animals have been settling in the ruined bunkers that make up the Siegfried Line Hitler built to protect Germany's western border. Now wildlife groups are battling to stop authorities from bulldozing this giant legacy of the Nazi era.

A mangled Westwall bunker near the town of Nettersheim southwest of Cologne is frequented by wildcats who appreciate its seclusion on a wooded hill.
The Greater Mouse-Eared Bat (Myotis Myotis) enjoys sleeping in the cracks of the old concrete deep inside the Westwall Bunkers. Bats are strictly protected under international conservation rules. In some cases the German government ordered bunkers to be razed even though they were in designated wildlife conservation zones, says wildlife expert Schöne.
The one-meter thick roof of this bunker was tossed in the air and turned upside down in a giant detonation by Allied troops after World War II. The Allies destroyed most of the Westwall's 18,000 bunkers to ensure they could never be put to military use. again.,1518,507880,00.html

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