Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The Captured Kiss by Fragonard
My window in Tribeca- photo by Marguerita
L'attrait de la vie domestique est le meilleur contre-poison des mauvaises moeurs.
The attraction of domestic life is the best antidote for immorality.
I come across these words today upon reading about a Fragonard
painting.The painter would transpose to a canvas the wonderful feeling of the joy of being a family,the father and his children and the wife altogether.The home.
We do not have this happening today. This sentiment is a "endangered phenomena".
For all my devotion and giving all of me,only tears,betrayal,lies . Only the desire and the dreams.

Although Fragonard is usually associated with amusing and mildly erotic works, he was also an observant and sincere painter of family life. This early example is one of his most ambitious and successful paintings in that genre.
It seems clear that Fragonard is here celebrating the virtues of honesty and sincerity and the emotional satisfaction of parenthood. As the novel's narrator concluded: "I was enchanted by this touching scene of conjugal love and parental tenderness."

Jean-Honoré Fragonard (April 5, 1732August 22, 1806) was a French painter and printmaker whose late Rococo manner was distinguished by remarkable facility, exuberance, and hedonism. One of the most prolific artists active in the last decades of the ancien régime, Fragonard produced more than 550 paintings (not counting drawing and etchings), of which only five are dated. Among his most popular works are genre paintings conveying the atmosphere of intimacy and veiled eroticism.Wikipedia

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