Thursday, October 25, 2007

Together“The important thing is never to stop questioning.”

drawing by marguerita
TOGETHER - a word that apparently got lost in the wind or in translation.It is an ingredient that must be used between two people ,a man and a woman, parents and children,neighbors,nations,countries.
The only problem is how that together is used.
Not to attack,not to destroy,not to step over one another.
TOGETHER we can all find peace and harmony if we all together,are sincere and honest about being so.
No empty words,no games.
I just come across an article in The Atlantic,by Arnold Schwarzenegger: Coming to America.
As much as I do admit to have reservations about him,given his background, for years I watch from far his conduct and some of his
vision about going through life,I bypass my feelings to showcase his latest comments on the general malaise that exists around our world and the hope of few to see materialize a more fraternal and sense of communal collaboration.
After all,the belicose status quo can only lead us to more devastation,lack of creativity,miasma, and a total loss of joie de vivre.

“The important thing is never to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein

When we live in Fear,surrounded by Greed and Indifference,there is no Love,no Tenderness,no Togetherness.

And paraphrasing Arnold:"To remain great, we must transform our politics. Self-improvement is ingrained in the American spirit, so I believe we will succeed. But we cannot afford to waste any more time."
The speech—and the concept—made headlines around the world. Such are our political divisions today that when someone simply talks about working together, it’s newsworthy.

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