Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If you need Healthcare,Die First

drawing by marguerita
So,I need healthcare.
Do not depend on anyone.
And if you are in need,you can scream left and right and nothing happens.
Just a dialogue with Death.
Or a monologue,in fact.
And believe me we are pals.
Because Death takes me and I run back to Life.
So we dance a tango.
Yes. It is true.
Happened again two days ago.
I was at Duane Reade's when I collapsed.
And so through the years.
Maybe I am a cat.
Maybe I should live.
I love Life.
But have to count on me.
On the spirits that watch over me.
So much pain.
So much pain.
Let's pretend.
Don't cry for me.
No health insurance
You are Dead.
And who cares?
Maybe my birds.

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