Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Domestication of Death: The Poetic Universe of Wislawa Szymborska


Milosz has stated that, “for me, Szymborska is first of all a poet of consciousness

.For unclear reasons
under unknown circumstances,
the Ideal Being has ceased to be enough for itself.

It could be and be without an end […]
why did it immediately hunt for impressions
in the bad company of materia?

Why did it need worthless
imitators, unlucky creatures
without prospects of eternity? […]

"Plato or why?" in: Chwila, Kraków 2002, translated by Janet Vesterlund

The poems about the deeply human have a very suggestive message:
the chilling feeling and indifference toward others' suffering.

Her poem "Still" is especially expressive in this context, where she creates in the very first lines an almost anguished expressionistic situation: a train is on its way somewhere but no one steps off because the freight cars are hermetically sealed and the passengers – symbolically represented by Jewish names – can not determine the direction of the trip.

La mort ? Nous n'y penserions guère. Ou alors bien sûr sous le feu de la souffrance, de la perte d'un proche, ou encore "à froid", lors de rituels comme à la Toussaint - plus précisément le lendemain, le jour dit des défunts.,1-0@2-3232,36-971893,0.html

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