Friday, December 21, 2007

About Youth, Sex and the Status Quo

Maybe it's time we consider our choice of role models; the Spears girls are role models because they are physically attractive girls; little, if anything, about their character or personality is appealing. We have become a society so focused on superficial characteristics, we ignore those in our community who truly offer value. The Spears family, including the parents, clearly appears to offer no moral value to our youth, yet their young women are idolized. We should spend a fraction of this attention focused on our female doctors, scientists, teachers and other professionals. Yet, they don't seem as appealing lip-synching in leather outfits so we, the shallow, superficial society we are, ignore them. And then we are horrified when these wrecks derail - are we not the foolish ones for expecting more from the shallow and meaningless?

— Jon S., Hoboken, NJ

As a mother I am very concerned about the way our children are behaving regarding,feelings and how they position themselves in this world of ours.
The issues are as old as humanity,and ever evolving and ever the same.

Having two sons, I experienced a great hardship with the first one,who only now,after seven years of reckless conduct,as much as I tried to prevent him of getting in trouble ,he is emerging and focusing his life into a productive path.He still has a long way to get himself under his total control.

Now I am facing the same with my younger one,who finding himself an eager girlfriend,(similar to my older son's girlfriend)he is jumping into boiling water,refusing to listen to me.

What is causing me most aprehension is the conduct of this young girls,who have no concern for personal hygiene,demonstrate no responsibility with their body ,no shame or idea of privacy and acting with no concern to others cultivating danger.
I am shocked about their depraved outlook,the exposure and display of vulgarity.
This is not freedom,just a perfect misunderstanding of how to use the mind ,body and feelings.
I do observe that this is is a rampant syndrome and a cause of alarm.
The barriers,limits of safety are being totally trespassed,no respect for their own selves and consequently the results of this car "running without a driver" can only bring more chaos to the world and disaster upon themselves.
There must be a call for some introspection,a self control and a human understanding of a proven law.
Thousands of years ago,the Bible was apparently created,a book of metaphors to scare people,as otherwise they would not obey the warnings.It was then made into religion,as a way to it is obvious that disease,and unhappiness is the only outcome of thoughtless minds.


Der Baron von Bornstein said...
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nishikant said...

Impressed by a mother who is finding it tough to rear young boy in a free world.Wish you luck & may God provide wisdom to the young lad. Which your rearing will ensure eventually.All the best for creating truly a world citizen.